Moncler has entered the club of billion dollars

The down jacket, which has been acquired by Italians, recently announced its 2016 fiscal year results, showing annual sales revenue has exceeded $ 1 billion mark for € 1,043.3 million ($ 1.105 billion) and 2015 The figure was 880.4 million euros, an increase of 18.1%. In the global luxury goods are still in a state of challenge, Moncler’s growth level than the peer, Gucci’s parent company Kaiyun Group 2016 fiscal year, the overall sales rose by 6.9%.

If you want to talk about the style of diversification and fashion, Moncler, in fact, much better than the Canadian goose. Founded in 1952, Moncler and Canada, like the first goose, but also started a professional outdoor sports brand, its down jacket internal filler thickness than the average down jacket, but at the same time warmth has been guaranteed, this feature allows Moncler Become a sponsor of the French national expedition.

But in 2003, Moncler by the Italian businessman Remo Ruffini acquisition, began to break through the original product areas. Now Moncler has a number of product lines, there are women to do the Moncler Gamme Rouge and men’s Moncler Gamme Bleu two show field brands, respectively, in Paris Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week show, retail store window is often arranged Look at the head.

How long can moncler continue to go?

Last year was one of the toughest years of the global luxury market. As consumers face more than terrorist attacks, the US presidential election and the British “retreat” referendum results and other events show the uncertainty to tighten spending, personal luxury goods sales remained at 249 billion euros. BoF and Moncler chief executive officer and chairman RemoRuffini face to face to discuss how the company’s performance beyond the overall performance of the luxury market, and he thinks how to promote future growth.

Earlier this month, the Italian luxury outdoor clothing brand performance beat analysts expected: net profit of 196 million euros, revenue for the first time more than 1 billion euros, up 18% over the previous year.

Moncler all markets are strong growth, especially in the Asian market (about 40% of its revenue), due to China and South Korea store demand growth, to help its regional turnover of 23% growth. The United States also opened due to new stores, wholesale business performance and achieve the same growth rate.

“Moncler is one of the few companies in the luxury goods industry that is still growing,” said Mario Ortie, head of the luxury goods industry at Sanford C. Bernstein. “There is still a chance for the company, Research and development of other types of products outside the jacket and shop, and its source of revenue from wholesale to retail.

Three down jacket groups seen in these six pictures

High-end down jacket brand Canadian goose will also be landing this week, New York and Toronto, the stock market, plans to raise $ 300 million, stock code GOOS. Canadian goose will be 20 to 16 Canadian dollars per share of about $ 10.50-12.00 $ 20 million shares, the company valued at 1.273 billion US dollars about 8.7 billion.

In the Canadian Goose IPO, we have sent an article on why the Canadian geese can sweep the world. Now the Canadian goose will soon be landing capital market, we want to compare with the Canadian geese positioning similar to the Italian luxury down jacket Moncler and cheap brand Bosideng, in the “warm winter”, the three companies how the performance.

Canadian goose is a 60-year history of Canadian clothing brand, 70’s brand began to focus on research and development of high-quality lightweight down jacket, provided to the northern Canadian border patrol, police and other use. 90 years later, gradually into the public vision. 2013 private equity fund Bain Capital acquired a majority stake in Canada Goose and made the brand a “net red”.

A lot of people familiar with Moncler because Ma father dressed for three consecutive years, which is originated in the French high-end luxury outdoor brand, its down jacket can not only meet the extreme environment, but also make people in the ice and snow is both fashionable and warm, called down jacket LV , Once in Europe and the United States and Japan swept a hard to find.

MONCLER store for the first time stationed in Melbourne, Australia

The creation of originated in high altitude areas of the feathers of the royal family can be gorgeous moncler has been in the world’s major cities and the most prestigious top ski resort to build more than 190 retail network. Today, the Union can be glow moncler again to expand the retail channel, set up in Melbourne, Australia’s first brand stores, officially opened in the Australian mainland to open up a new journey.

The new store is located in the Australian luxury goods market, one of the most influential Chaston Shopping Center (Chadstone Shopping Center). Leaving the world to the scene of the ski resort, landing in Australia on the Union can be a monopoly retail journey is a crucial milestone for its major world fashion will take a key step.

“I am very excited about the opening of this new store, you can go to the Australian retail industry chain is also full of hope.” Union may gifted Moncler Chairman and CEO Remo Ruffini said, “I believe that this country will be our brand The hope that by the “store shop” mode of operation, to further promote the brand both retail and wholesale vision, the use of these two sales channels to further strengthen the brand ‘s influence.

The new store sitting on the surface area of ​​nearly 200 square meters of single-storey retail space. Store interior and exterior design style harmony, white textured marble and shiny brass ingenious combination of elegant style. Two transparent floor window will be a new alliance can be gorgeous Moncler world show most vividly in front of the world, simple and gorgeous shop everywhere reveals the “luxury montage” style of the brand, the best interpretation of the Union can be gorgeous moncler and alpine culture Deep roots.

Moncler shares hit a new high level

Although the first quarter revenue rose 16.4% year on year to 276.2 million euros, in line with market expectations of 271 million euros, but excluding the impact of exchange rate after the 15% increase over the fourth quarter of 25% plummeted 10 percentage points, mainly because the group more than 4 The growth rate of income in Asia and ROW markets and the Americas market fell sharply, from 23% in the 2016 fiscal year to 12% in the first quarter, the group said in Asia, South Korea and mainland China Positive performance, the US retail and Canada as a whole also show good performance.

Luciano Santel, chief executive officer of Moncler SpA, refuted analysts’ comments on Asia and the US “slowdown” at a performance analyst meeting, stressing that the group was “very satisfied” with its performance, especially in the same period last year 30% and 35% of the high base. He also admitted that Hong Kong is relatively weak, but over the past few years in the local contraction of the case of Moncler still continue to grow and continue so far, Hong Kong’s current growth rate is still lower than the mainland market, the latter continued to grow momentum.

EMEA (excluding Italy) is significantly faster, growth from 1516 fiscal year 15% to 26%. Paola Durante, director of investor relations and strategic planning, said the major drivers of both the UK and Germany and France were growing, with France gaining double-digit growth thanks to a low base in the same period last year, both local and passenger Have recovered, and more than Chinese tourists, Taiwan, South Korea and even important Russian tourists have picked up.

Paola Durante pointed out that the spread of China and Europe has been adjusted in 2016, the current rate narrowed to about 50%, the Group will continue to monitor the price fluctuations. As for the devaluation of the pound, the group did not raise the 2017 spring and summer series of pricing, but Luciano Santel said this year’s autumn and winter series will be slightly adjusted.

Price of moncler products in China is too high to buy

Sales in North America rose 16% to 38.9 million euros, accounting for 14.1% of total sales, in the region’s retail channels and wholesale channel sales have achieved steady growth last year in Moncler in New York Madison Avenue flagship The store is a key factor in the growth of the North American market.

Sales in other parts of the world, including Asia, recorded an increase of 16% to € 115 million, or 41.7% of total sales. Luciano Santel said, Moncler in mainland China’s performance has been accelerating growth, but the performance in Hong Kong is still unsatisfactory, the brand in South Korea and Japan were positive response.

Paola Durante also pointed out that as the global economy is picking up, more and more Chinese tourists are returning to Europe, especially in France. When talking about the difference between China and Europe, Moncler, the company admitted that the pricing of the Chinese market is generally 50% higher than the price in Europe, this year the brand will make adjustments to this.

High-end clothing brand Moncler plans to open 15 new stores

French high-end down jacket brand Moncler has announced the first quarter earnings. Data show that due to the European market (especially in the United Kingdom, France, Germany) sales increase, the company’s revenue grew 16%.

In fact, in recent years, this has 60 years of history, marked “Made in Italy” label outdoor clothing brand, with the contrarian good performance, often become the focus of the market.

And because the brand representative products down jacket in the autumn and winter season selling, the first quarter of the quarter in the world of the total number of shares of the growth rate.

However, have to pay attention to is that the past two years, Moncler rise also ushered in another strong competitor – CanadaGoose (Canadian goose).

Moncler’s sales has increased by 16%

Moncler has become one of the most stable luxury brands in recent years. As of March 31, the first quarter, Moncler sales over the same period last year, 237 million euros increased 16% to 276 million euros, of which retail sales rose 20% to 204 million euros, wholesale channel sales year on year growth 7% to € 73.3 million.

Moncler’s investor relations and strategic planning director Paola Durante in the earnings report after the release of the meeting stressed that the Group of Moncler in the Italian region’s outstanding performance in other parts of the world also showed a growing trend.

In terms of products, the group chief operating officer Luciano Santel said, down jacket is still the core category of Moncler, but knitwear category will be the focus of the future development of the product category.

Moncler’s new quarter earnings look pretty good

It is considered the most stable in recent years, one of the most stable luxury brands, however, perhaps the ups and downs for the development of the brand is the real state, a few days ago, there is industry in the industry, People said that the luxury of the good days of fear is to come to an end.

Singing and pouring cold water is one of the top ten European brokerage BNP Paribas. According to the fashion media bof reported that BNP Paribas recently put the company’s rating from “neutral” (neutral) to “underperform”. The company’s luxury head Luka Solca (Luca Solca) said, Moncler in the high-end coat market dominated the market may no longer exist.

Honestly, just look at the financial point of view, Moncler is still a look like a spring breeze. The company earlier this month released the results show that in 2016, Moncler sales rose 18%, and successfully among the 1 billion euros club. The first quarter earnings also showed that as of March 31, Moncler’s sales gained 16% over the same period last year, a substantial increase from 237 million euros to 276 million. However, if the impact of the exchange rate, the increase is actually 15%, compared with 20% in the fourth quarter of 2016 plunged by 10 percentage points.

Moncler Group’s chief business officer Luciano Santel or his own performance expressed a “very satisfied”, but the analyst Solka is far from Santel was optimistic, he was worried about the competition from the peer. “Moncler growth at least in the medium term may slow down, because other brands are beginning to challenge their market share.”